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Oh Cannada!

Canadian startup HiBnb: an airbnb alternative for the cannabis community

HiBnb has just launched their services to the public. HiBnb can be described as an airbnb alternative for the cannabis c

Deep dish stuffed spinach pizza

10, 9, 8—get ready for a flavour blast off with this spinach loaded pizza. This pizza is an impressive creation that’s g

Cannabis and women’s health

Did you know women have used cannabis for specific ailments for thousands of years?
sex and cannabis Health

Do sex and cannabis go together?

A woman-oriented study
Buffalo cauliflower burger Food

Buffalo cauliflower sandwich

Easy and super yummy!
Oh Cannada!

Sativa vs. Indica – it may not be what you think.

Sativa is a category of cannabis strains that are supposed to be uplifting and energizing.  Indica is a category of can


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