Get in the know about Cannabis Accessories

Since legalization, the cannabis accessories market is moving only one way – and that’s up. It’s a lucrative business and if you can dream it, it probably exists.

But with all this accoutrement, the accessories market has gotten a bit confusing. What exactly do you need?  

To help you out, here is a quick guide to all things accessories. Once you’ve got the lingo down, you can feel confident purchasing the right product for you.

Cannabis Vessels:


        Rolling papers



        Vape pen/e-cigarette


        Food and beverage (edibles)


Lighters/Fire Tools:



        Decarb tools


Home Accessories:




So, which of these do you actually NEED?

If you plan on smoking cannabis, you must have some sort of vessel. You must also be able to light it. If you’re going the edible route, you don’t need any accessories as all. You just need the recipe, the edible and some free time. 

Have fun!




  • Julie Lawrence is a journalist and communications specialist from Halifax, NS. She is a contributing editor for Hum@n Media - Canada's largest health and wellness media company.

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