This BC family business helps you recover from life

Backforty Blends creates topical products made from organic materials and infused with CBD. With a focus on pain and recovery, Backforty’s products soothe the body to ensure that you can re-discover a pain-free life. Utilizing unique ingredients including Canadian Kisolite® BMP – Biogenic Mineral Clay (Canadian Glacial Clay), arnica, and peppermint, Backforty formulates muscles rubs and rejuvenating creams like no other.

the Routley brothers, Bryden and Darris;
Kiley Routley;
Justin Woodcock.


Cannada Blend: How did the company get started? What is its DNA?

Bryden Routley: We started out by infusing CBD and THC into an all-natural muscle and joint relief topical. We had formulated this with our cousin Kiley, who has been in the health and wellness space for many years. We created this for our father and also ourselves to help manage debilitating chronic pain and all the aches and pains from our physically demanding occupation.

At first it was just for our family, but then we started to hear stories from other friends and families with similar experiences. This led to us meeting many people who were looking for a product to use for muscle pain relief – an all-natural, high-quality product instead of constantly taking pills. They became our test market. We gave them some of our topical to try and were surprised by how much positive feedback we received. Some of the people we gave product to even turned into success stories with serious life changing results, which absolutely shocked us.

It’s in our DNA to help people, which is why this company has become our passion. Our initial efforts to formulate pain products grew from our drive to help others and this drew our attention towards taking the products to legal markets so more people could try our stuff. It’s amazing to be a part of a growing movement that holds helping the people at the top of its list.

CB: Who are the key players?

BR: The Routley brothers, Bryden and Darris; Justin Woodcock, and our secret weapon — our cousin Kiley Routley. Darris and I grew up on a large plot of land in the Okanagan surrounded by extended family. When the family moved to the city, our hearts remained on the “back forty” part of the family land which we ended up buying back for its sentiment and as a powerful reminder of our roots. This is where we got our name from as we wanted our brand to have a personal meaning behind it.

CB: How do the company and its products differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace?

BR: Well, we can’t speak about current products on the market, but our formulas have 100% all-natural ingredients. Each ingredient has its own beneficial properties. We also have an amazing opportunity to partner and produce our products with the use of organic Kisolite® BMP – Biogenic Mineral Clay (Canadian Glacial Clay). This is a glacial marine clay that adds an all-natural anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial element to all our products. This ingredient alone is something that will set us far apart from our competition, as we are the only company in Canada that is using this product with cannabis. We also produce each product with 99.3% pure CBD isolate.

This provides one of the highest-grade cannabis products on the market and eliminates any THC, the first ever to do this. This, we hope, will provide a safe product for anyone requiring drug testing — a professional  athlete or an employee of a profession or occupation that requires drug testing.

CB: What is your long-term growth strategy?

BR: We are focused on obtaining a healthy market share across Canada — we want to cut our teeth in our local markets. As more opportunities and markets open up, we want to propel this company to a lead position in our product category. This comes down to finding the right partnership that values a commitment to producing a quality product like ours.

CB: What is the relationship with Pacific Rim? How do they complement each other?

BR: What we liked about Pacific Rim was they demonstrated these key characteristics: commitment to quality, excellent work ethic, availability when we need help, and the desire to have a successful product. We also liked that they offered more than just white labelling services. They provide full outsourcing. They do a full market assessment and determine what competitive products are on the market, at what price point, in what provinces. They helped us with all of that. We worked with our marketing firm and website designers to pull together all the brand element design, labels, and packaging. Pacific Rim knows the regulations and took care of the Health Canada product registration. They are also heavily involved in our marketing activities, including social media, public relations, and other traditional forms of media.

CB: How is Canada doing as a test bed for innovation in the cannabis space? What obstacles do Canadian companies still face?

BR: Our experience has been positive, with quick responses to our applications and contact people responding to us if we need more information. Marketing is pretty strict for us in Canada but it’s only the beginning for this new industry. The government is being cautious and starting to slowly roll out less restrictive guidelines. We feel this is a good strategy. We are hoping that in the future, we will be able to conduct business as our counterparts do in the liquor industry. As for business development, you have to do your homework. The government is there for guidelines and providing an even playing field. It is our responsibility as a company to ensure we are following all guidelines set out for us. Canada is a leader in assuring safety and efficacy before approving product release. This ensures customer confidence in the products they purchase.

CB: Is BC a good place for a cannabis company?

BR: We feel proud to say we are from BC. We are grateful to use components from BC and our local Okanagan area in all our products. We pride ourselves on producing top of the line products with no corners cut and no expense spared.

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